Contributing to Sutty

Other ways you can contribute with Sutty

  •  Reporting bugs or making comments about your experience with Sutty through our contact form or through our 0xacab repository;
  • Contributing in the development of features, templates, or designs.
  • Collaborating through writing, editing, and testing of technical documentation;
  • Checking out and assisting the collective projects in which Sutty participates, such as the Trans* Toolkit;
  • Recommending our work to others, whether person to person, in groups and collectives you participate in, or on social media;
  • Guiding others in the use of Sutty and other FOSS technology;

 We also invite you to check out our collaborator's other projects and work. 



We would love to hear from you through our contact form with any ideas, comments, projects, or doubts.